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Imaginative Activism of Digital Citizens Zoom Symposium and Exhibition Launch

Imaginative Activism Symposium

Thursday, March 24, 2022
10:00 am – 5:15 pm


Virtual Event


Lecture / Discussion
Open to the public
Free of charge

RSVP Required

In the summer of 2020, many countries experienced protests against police violence and demanded democratic social change. A country in Eastern Europe — Belarus — became one of the centers of global activism. Activists, IT professionals, artists, designers, and neighbors teamed up to coordinate, connect, and amplify their work on digital platforms, such as Telegram, Instagram, and Youtube, to overthrow the dictatorial régime. They created visual representation and identity of a social movement that now exists largely in digital formats and often made for digital platforms that themselves could be compromised and used against them. 

What is the role of scholars and librarians who study citizen activism, contemporary art, and digital culture? What kind of new questions and solutions are posed by today’s digital citizens? Reimagining what these tools enable and how they can be used, and researching new forms of imaginative activism,” are the primary goals of this interdisciplinary symposium and the digital exhibition curated by Sasha Razor at Michigan Libraries.

PART 1 (10am-12pm): Digital Activism Roundtable of Artists, Designers and Cyber-activists

  • Yuliana Shemetovets
  • Andrew Maximov
  • Yanina Sazanovich
  • Maxim Tyminko
  • Anastasia Kostyugova
  • Moderated by Sasha Razor

PART 2 (1 – 2:45pm): Digital Citizenship andIts Scholarly Discontents

  • Irina Aristarkhova
  • Fee Christoph and Kendra Eaton
  • Elena Gapova
  • Georgy Mamedov
  • Moderated by Mikhail Krutikov

PART 3 (3 – 4pm) Librarian Roundtable: Saving the Future,Archiving Digital Content

  • Brendan Nieubuurt
  • Jamie Vander Broek 
  • Anne Cong-Huyen
  • Anna Rakityanskaya
  • Moderated by Igor Pilshchikov

PART 4 (4:15 – 5:15pm) Exhibition Launch: The Code of Presence: Belarusian Protest Embroideries and Textile Patterns

  • Rufina Bazlova
  • Lesia Pcholka Daria Sazanovich 
  • Yuliya Tsviatkova
  • Discussant: Alisa Lozhkina 
  • Exhibition Curator and Moderator: Sasha Razor

UCLA Slavic, East European & Eurasian Languages & Cultures, University of Michigan Slavic Languages and Literatures, Weiser Center for Europe & Eurasia, Center for Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies