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Partnerships & Collaborations

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Working together with the diverse communities that comprise our region, Stamps School partnerships and collaborations activate creative initiatives with neighborhoods, businesses, schools, and community organizations.

Community Partnerships

Three words best describe the Stamps School’s approach to relationship-building with our community partners: collaborative, respectful, and reciprocal.

Typically, community partnerships are long-term in practice and require a unique commitment from both the partner and the Stamps School; we share resources and knowledge with one another in a relationship of equality. An engagement project with the Stamps School responds to a set of mutual needs and assets. A strong partnership means that we’re careful to tend to the needs of all involved in the project, including the community partner; the faculty member and/or Michele Schara Artist in Residence; and the Stamps students’ curricular needs. Assets of both groups should be identified so that they can be shared and mutual learning can occur. Current community partners are Bennett Elementary and Detroit Community Schools.

Interested in becoming a Stamps partner? Submit our Pre-partnership form, below.

Pre-Partnership Form


Collaborations are also an important part of the way the Stamps School works with off-campus organizations. These mutually beneficial collaborations are typically project-focused and may or may not lead to long-term, ongoing partnerships. Recent collaborators include: Brightmoor Alliance, Neighbors Building Brightmoor, Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD), and Signal-Return.

Interested in a new collaboration? Contact us for more information.