Course Listings & Descriptions

Spring/Summer 2018
Fall 2018

Stamps Majors

  • For general information about degree requirements, registration and overrides, consult your Student Handbook. If you started at Stamps before 2018, different requirements may apply, and you can download each year's undergraduate handbook here.
  • Need advising help? If you have a quick question, email To schedule an appointment with an advisor, go to:

Non-majors and Minors in Art & Design

  • Are you a student from another U-M school or college who’s interested in taking a Stamps course? Our non-major studios are designed with you in mind, and some of the foundation and elective studios will also be open to you, as long as space allows.
  • If you are thinking about doing a Minor in Art & Design, you should begin your exploration here. Many of the foundation and elective studios will be open to minors, as long as space allows.

Note:  Our course schedule is subject to change, so visit Wolverine Access for the most up-to-date information.

Important: Getting and Using an Override

  • Getting an override to add or drop a course gives you permission to add or drop it on Wolverine Access. It does not mean that you have already added or dropped the course. After receiving permission, you will still need to enroll in the course or drop it.
  • Overrides are issued to your U-M email address.
  • Overrides issued in the morning before noon will expire that evening at midnight.  Overrides issued after noon will expire the next day at midnight. Once an override has expired, it will not be re-issued.

Override instructions for Stamps Majors:

  • Is a course closed? Get on the waitlist for that course on Wolverine Access. Check your U-M email daily for messages and/or overrides.
  • Keep in mind that ARTDES 170 - 189 are for non-majors, and you will not receive credit for those courses.
  • See Advising Blog for the most recent information on registration and overrides.

Override instructions for Non-majors, Declared Art & Design Minors, and Graduate Students:

  • ARTDES 100-130: Fill out  this form for each course you are interested in taking.
  • ARTDES 170-416: Fill out this form, AND if there is a waitlist on Wolverine Access for the course you’re interested in, then add yourself to it. Overrides are granted if there is room in a class and if students meet the prerequisites of the course.
  • To check the prerequisites for a given course, check the listing in the Stamps course guide.
  • Overrides will be issued on August 31 and September 1, 2018. Monitor your email for a message or an automatic notification from Wolverine Access, and if you receive an override, use it immediately or as quickly as possible.
  • Please note: with regard to overrides, declared Art & Design minors receive preference over non-majors.