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Japanese Papermaking and Water Printing

ARTDES 348 .1


Credit Hours: 3
Course Fee: 250
Instructor(s): Poskovic, Endi
Schedule: TueThu 2:00p-4:15p
Modality: In-person


Fall 2021

In this course, stu­dents explore paper­mak­ing and relief print­mak­ing apply­ing Japan­ese and East-Asian meth­ods. Indi­vid­ual and group projects explore both tra­di­tional and exper­i­men­tal pro­duc­tion of Japan­ese paper (Washi) from the long inner fibers of tree plants, the appli­ca­tion of rice starch paste (Nori) as the vehi­cle in print­ing, col­lage and book-bind­ing, and hand-rub­bing pig­ments with a Japan­ese baren from inked sur­faces of tim­ber ply­wood (Shina) to pro­duce water color wood­cut prints (Moku-hanga). Class lec­tures and demon­stra­tions as well as work­shop pre­sen­ta­tions by vis­it­ing artists and speak­ers stress a his­tor­i­cal and the­o­ret­i­cal con­text of Asian block carv­ing, print­ing and paper­mak­ing in rela­tion to the present tech­nolo­gies of repro­duc­tion, indi­vid­ual expres­sion and the rela­tion­ship of con­tem­po­rary art prac­tices to the broader visual cul­ture. FRE­QUENCY OF OFFER­ING: This course is offered occa­sion­ally in the fall term.
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