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Intro to Photography

ARTDES 255 .1


Credit Hours: 3
Course Fee: 150
Instructor(s): Clarke, John
Schedule: TueThu 8:30a-10:45a
Modality: In-person


Fall 2021

This course intro­duces stu­dents to con­cepts and tools of dig­i­tal pho­tog­ra­phy processes and prac­tices. Stu­dents learn about the tech­nol­ogy and use of dig­i­tal cam­eras; fram­ing, light­ing and shoot­ing pho­tographs; scan­ning, enlarg­ing, edit­ing and pro­cess­ing of images; and tech­niques and meth­ods of dig­i­tal print­ing. Read­ings, demon­stra­tions and lec­tures pro­vide con­cep­tual and tech­ni­cal back­ground for cre­ative and crit­i­cal pho­to­graphic prac­tices and dis­cus­sions as well as expose stu­dents to his­toric and con­tem­po­rary pho­to­graphic images and ideas. This course offers the stu­dent a basic under­stand­ing of pho­to­graphic image for­ma­tion while stress­ing fun­da­men­tal ele­ments of visual nota­tion. This is not a chem­i­cal (dark­room) pho­tog­ra­phy course, and stu­dents are expected to learn the basic oper­a­tions of their dig­i­tal cam­eras before the sec­ond class meet­ing. Stu­dents work on projects that explore tech­nique and the expres­sive pos­si­bil­i­ties of the medium. FRE­QUENCY OF OFFER­ING: This course is typ­i­cally offered in every fall term as well as in the win­ter term of even-num­bered years, though sched­ul­ing may vary accord­ing to future term circumstances.
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