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Digital Character Development: Imagining Identities

ARTDES 356 .1


Credit Hours: 3
Course Fee: 100
Instructor(s): Clarke, John
Schedule: TueThu 2:00p-4:15p
Modality: In-person


Fall 2021

Focus­ing on the depic­tion of char­ac­ter as well as an individual’s dis­tinc­tive phys­i­cal traits and behav­ior, stu­dents in this course uti­lize 3‑D com­puter mod­el­ing tools and tech­niques to design dig­i­tal char­ac­ter stud­ies. Por­tray­als of human and ani­mal forms — real and imag­ined — from dif­fer­ent time peri­ods and cul­tures pro­vide his­tor­i­cal and social con­text. Stu­dents not only print projects as three-dimen­sional pro­to­types but also ren­der and print projects as two-dimen­sional por­traits. Com­pleted projects range from depic­tions of famil­iar char­ac­ters to those that visu­ally and con­cep­tu­ally chal­lenge our notions of iden­tity, sense of self, and the rela­tion­ship between phys­i­cal attrib­utes, dis­po­si­tion, and social sta­tus. FRE­QUENCY OF OFFER­ING: This course is typ­i­cally offered in the fall term of odd-num­bered years, though sched­ul­ing may vary accord­ing to future term circumstances.
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