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Florilegium: A Plant Compendium (UMBS)
ARTDES 353.1
Florilegium: A Plant Compendium (UMBS)
Credit Hours: 2
Instructor(s): Barry, C.
Course Fee: 100
Schedule: TBD TBD - Other
Semester: Fall 2019
Prerequisites: 205 Intro to Painting: Organizing Visual Space or 270 Visualizing and Depicting Ideas or Permission of Instructor
You are invited to create a florilegium (from Latin: to gather), a collection of drawings and paintings of plants and flowers found near the U-M Biological Station. The final format will be a book of original work from field observations, study and studio work. As part of this 2-credit extension, you will spend ten days at the University of Michigan Biological Station before fall classes begin in Ann Arbor. Class dates for 2019 are August 14-23. Both in the field and in the classroom, you will identify, draw and paint plants, as well as take notes on their biology. You will receive drawing and painting instruction from the class instructor, Cathy Barry, and a thorough introduction to plant structures, habitats, reproduction and taxonomy from botanist Susan Fawcett. ARTDES 353 is not required for students taking the fall florilegium studio class, ARTDES 352. However, if you enroll in ARTDES 353, you must also enroll in ARTDES 352.

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