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First Year Writing in Art and Design
ARTDES 129.3
First Year Writing in Art and Design
Credit Hours: 4
Instructor(s): Shapiro, A.
Course Fee: 0
Schedule: MW 11:00a-12:30p - 2058
Semester: Fall 2018
Good arguments stem from good questions, and academic essays enable writers to express their ideas. This introductory writing course encourages students to cultivate curiosity by asking good questions and honing their reading, research, critical thinking, and writing skills to communicate their discoveries to a variety of audiences. Students work closely with each other and the instructor to develop essays through workshops and extensive revision. Assigned readings cover a variety of genres and serve as models or prompts for essays. Students pursue their own research questions in their writing. This course recognizes making as a form of academic research and encourages students to find connections to their other creative practices.

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