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Change by Design
ARTDES 314.1
Change by Design
Credit Hours: 3
Instructor(s): Tobier, N.
Course Fee: 125
Schedule: Tue 1:45p-4:45p - 1258
Semester: Fall 2018
Prerequisites: 200 Any 200-level studio
Change by Design works together to create social impact through design & entrepreneurship. Together with Detroit Community Schools, students emphasize problem identification to prototype ideas, build objects, develop innovations and processes, and refine these through field work, validation, and testing. These are real world challenges that students tackle together as they acknowledge the need for the design world to stop talking big and start doing good; to put problem-solving skills to work on some of the biggest global issues; and to design for creativity, innovation, health, poverty, homelessness, education, and more. This work demands skilled hands, big hearts, bigger business sense, and the courage to strive towards non-normative work that can inspire, challenge, and respond with vision and sensitivity. Multi-disciplinary student teams work hands-on through rough and final prototypes. They design drawing and development of concepts, logos, and branding strategies; learn a theoretical framework for social entrepreneurship and design thinking; and explore the individual skills and will necessary to respond to complex social needs, both local and global, while connecting across age, race and class. They turn theory into action by designing and carrying out a project rooted in community connection. Students will need to pass a background check in order to participate in this course.

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