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Collaborative Projects: Experiments in Interdisciplinary Installation & Performance

ARTDES 403 .1


Credit Hours: 3
Course Fee: $100
Instructor(s): Cogswell, Jim
Schedule: MonWed 4:30p-6:30p
Modality: In-person


Fall 2021

Description: This course will foster experimental collaborations between students from the Stamps School of Art & Design and students from the School of Music, Theater, and Dance to create interdisciplinary performance and installation projects. Students using a diverse array of artistic tools and media will work in teams on projects that grow out of their shared interests and pooled skills and resources. Students will expand their assumptions about how conceptual frameworks shape and motivate artistic creation in different disciplines. They will learn the critical vocabulary of other disciplines, will discover ways that they can expand their own artistic vocabulary, and will be exposed to the excitement and hazards of venturing into unknown artistic territory as part of a collaborative experience.

Frequency: This course is offered occasionally in the fall term.