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H/T/C Seminar: Sexual Objects

ARTDES 394.001, Winter 2024


Credit Hours: 3
Instructor(s): Aristarkhova, Irina
Semester: Winter 2024

Prerequisites: All OF THE FOLLOWING: ARTDES 150: Art and Design in Context - Lecture, ARTDES 151: Art and Design History - Lecture.

Description: This is a Stamps academic course and will not fulfill studio requirements. This seminar explores the notion of the sexual object” in art & design from various critical perspectives. The course covers six main themes: the nude; sexual objectification and sexualization; pornography and eroticism, especially in the age of the Internet; histories of sexuality through objects; the unconscious and sexual difference; and the uncanny. The main learning objective of this course is to familiarize students with major debates surrounding object making in relation to sexuality and representation, and to empower students with critical understanding of the main issues at hand. The course connects to the Stamps lecture series and engages with other guest speakers. BOTH 150 — Art & Design in Context AND 151 — Art & Design History must be completed prior to taking this course.

Frequency: This course is typically offered in the fall term of every academic year, though scheduling may vary according to future term circumstances.