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Visual Identity and Branding

ARTDES 349.002, Winter 2024


Credit Hours: 3
Course Fee: $200
Instructor(s): McGowan, Mike
Semester: Winter 2024

Prerequisites: All OF THE FOLLOWING: ARTDES 210: Typography, ARTDES 211: Sign and Symbol. OR PERMISSION OF INSTRUCTOR.

Description: This course is organized to introduce students to contemporary visual identity design practice. Students approach design as both problem seeking and problem-solving activities, with particular emphasis on complex usage as well as constraints. Students are introduced to different approaches and methodologies for designing visual identity systems, and how to apply these systems across a range of user needs from analog and digital to 2‑D and 3‑D applications. All of this culminates in a visual identity standards manual designed to guide the application, integrity, and maintenance of the visual identity system. Final projects are exhibited at the end of the semester. The course’s project client selects the most successful and thought provoking projects for further consideration.

Frequency: This course is typically offered in the winter term of every academic year, though scheduling may vary according to future term circumstances.