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Hybrid Practice: Expanded Printmaking

ARTDES 443.001, Winter 2024


Credit Hours: 3
Course Fee: $300
Instructor(s): Poskovic, Endi
Semester: Winter 2024

Prerequisites: ANY ONE OF THE FOLLOWING: ARTDES 309: Figure Painting, ARTDES 335: Color Woodcut Prints, ARTDES 357: Painting and the Artificial Eye.

Description: This meet-together (with Hybrid Practice: Expanded Painting) advanced studio course is designed to encourage a broad interpretation of printmaking and painting practices, how they intersect organically and synthetically to form hybrid relationships relevant to contemporary visual culture. Our ambition is to open both disciplines to territories lying beyond their individual tools and cognitive mind-sets, thereby encouraging advanced students to become more significantly involved in their making practice and willing to follow it to unanticipated places. The course will build upon the basic premise that transferring an image from one surface onto another is a process by which the context and content of the originating impulse expands in new directions and takes on new layers of meaning. Starting from the understanding that a mono-print is a painting prepared for transfer and silkscreen can be a reproducible under-layer for paintings, students will be encouraged to explore larger scales and richer material combinations as a method of more deeply probing their artistic intentions. Students will also be encouraged to expand their discoveries into combinations of textile and fiber, time-based media, digitally fabricated surfaces, and installation.

Frequency: This course is offered occasionally in either the fall or the winter term.