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Advanced Typography: Type for Resistance

ARTDES 422.001, Fall 2023


Credit Hours: 3
Course Fee: $175
Instructor(s): Bennett, Audrey
Semester: Fall 2023
Schedule: TueThu 2:00p-4:15p
Location: 2410

Prerequisites: ANY ONE OF THE FOLLOWING: ARTDES 358: Publication Design, ARTDES 371: Poster Design.

Description: This studio course provides advanced grounding for students who have completed a semester of typography and are interested in further exploration and challenge with a focus on messages for resistance. A solid preparation in the advanced study of typography can bring great insight into how text/​typography can be enhanced to function with clarity within complex projects. Students learn to cultivate the relevant skills required to analyze, design, and produce successful visual communication through the use of complex typographic systems and information hierarchy, narrative structure, and the expressive opportunities of type as image for resistance. Additionally, students conduct research in both historical and contemporary contexts to find the confidence to build their typographic voice.

Frequency: While ARTDES 422 (Advanced Typography) is typically offered in the fall term of every academic year, this specially themed version of the course focusing on messages for resistance will only be offered during Fall 2023.