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MDes Thesis Advising

ARTDES 781.002, Winter 2023


Credit Hours: 6
Course Fee: $0
Instructor(s): Tharp, Stephanie
Semester: Winter 2023
Schedule: TBD TBD
Location: TBD

Description: The MDes thesis is the culmination of each candidate’s experience in the Integrative Design program. The MDes thesis synthesizes the knowledge and skills learned through the program and applies them in the development of a major project. Candidates identify an area of study, research its major assumptions and precedents, set forth the process and method for proposing solutions, create prototypes, and offer a proposition through the production of a body of work. The finished project must evidence collaboration, critical thinking, appropriate presentation, and thorough documentation. The Thesis Project can take many forms. The thesis demonstrates cross-disciplinarity and collaboration within an applied context. It includes some discussion of the methodology used and process involved in developing the project. Candidates will have an opportunity to present their work to the Stamps community, collaborators, partners, and stakeholders at the MDes Thesis Show. Candidates are expected to explain the significance of their project to themselves, their constituents, and the field. The course is run in a collaborative studio format; all candidates are expected to participate in the creation, discussion, and critique of work. Weekly team meetings with the Program Director and regular meetings with an advisor are required.