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Experimental Surfaces in Clay

ARTDES 346.001


Credit Hours: 3
Course Fee: $125
Instructor(s): TBD
Schedule: MonWed 5:30p-7:45p
Location: 1269


Winter 2023

Prerequisites: All OF THE FOLLOWING: ARTDES 202: Intro to Ceramics, ARTDES 275: Color.

Description: Between the two worlds of painted surfaces and sculptural objects lies the challenging territory of low relief ceramics, neither purely flat nor fully volumetric, capable of speaking through image, pattern, color, and form. Tile in particular has an extraordinary history as an art form, with close ties to architecture and public murals. This course explores color compositions through pattern and repetition, low relief structures, serial and modular composition, and the possibility of larger scaled tile installations.

Frequency: This course is offered occasionally in the winter term.