What Can I Do With My Degree?

Here’s a list of what some of our alumni are doing with their degrees.

  • I created my own shoe design company
  • I’m working as a motion capture specialist on the next Avatar movie
  • I’m a clay modeler at Toyota
  • I spent a year in the Peace Corps doing graphic design in Zambia
  • I do interaction design at Twitter
  • I’m in my final year of an MFA program at University of Iowa
  • I’m at National Geographic as an art director
  • I produce, shoot and edit music videos for bands
  • I’m a concept designer at Converse
  • I created my own “art” cake business in Ann arbor
  • I opened a painting studio in Detroit and sell my work at national galleries
  • I am the arts coordinator at an after school youth program
  • I’m a textile designer at Target
  • I’m a freelance illustrator for clients like Bon Appetit, RadioLab, and others
  • I started a socially-conscious design firm in Detroit with fellow alums
  • I fell in love with motorcycles, so now I’m the lead creative for Electric Moto Industries
  • I’m a materials designer at Ford Motor Company
  • I’m a project manager at IPC Systems in New York
  • I’m the art class coordinator for a Manhattan Jewish Community Center
  • I’m now a lead designer at Synata in San Francisco
  • Interest in environmental conservation and design led me to a position as Annual Giving Programs Manager for the Matthei Botanical Gardens
  • I’m a graphic designer for television and feature films
  • I recently became an art director at Quack! Media