The First Year Experience

In addition to taking required foundational coursework, Stamps freshmen meet with their advisors three times during their first year.

In these meetings, advisors make sure that freshmen accomplish five core objectives:

  1. Understand the expectations and rigors of a U-M education
  2. Build influential faculty mentorships
  3. Pave the way for strong career preparation and a productive creative practice
  4. Put down roots in the Stamps School to become an active member of our creative community
  5. Build skills and learn to think expansively and flexibly

These advising sessions — in tandem with advising programs like Wonderful Wednesdays, the Curriculum Designer web app, and the Stamps Undergraduate Handbook — will help you see pathways not immediately visible to you. These supports are designed to help push you toward thinking and creative practice that is reflective, strategic, and independent.

Where it All Begins

You will be assigned an advisor at orientation and you will meet with them one-on-one at orientation to discuss your expectations, goals, and concerns for the first year.

Advance preparation for this meeting is required:

Mid-Year Check-In

In December/January of your first year, you will meet again with your assigned advisor to discuss how your expectations, goals, and concerns have changed over the course of the first semester.

Advance preparation for this meeting is required:

Spring Check-In

In April of your freshmen year, you will meet with your advisor to narrow your degree choice, discuss your choice of classes, and discuss possible mentors.

Advance prep for this meeting is required:

  • Attend Course Preview (March).
  • Reflect on your Stamps experience to date

See the Stamps Student Handbook for the full advising schedule designed to take you from freshmen to senior year.