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Stamps Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs Joann McDaniel posts here with tips for student success. If you have questions, email or schedule an advising appointment.

Free Workshops at the Dude

January 29, 2018

First Annual Media & Studio Arts Symposium,  Affecting [sic] Change in the World--New Tools for MEdia Creation and Performance

Duderstadt Center Video Studio, February 12-16

With presentations and workshops from 1:00pm to 9:00pm daily. 

And it's all FREE

• Shooting Cinematic Video on a DSLR - Canon

• Video Editing in 360 & Virtual Reality using Final Cut Pro X - Apple

• Touch Designer: Realtime Visual and Performance Control - Derivative

• Record, mix and master audio for a CD - Paul Blakemore, Bill Lucas, Dave Greenspan

• Listen to and compare a collection of rare hi-end tube amplifiers - Stan Voskov

• Creating Big Weather, a Multimedia Music & Dance piece - Peter Sparling

• Dance and Theatre Lighting - Mary Cole

• 360 Video with positional audio - Collaborative Student Project

• Portable video production on your smartphone - Ryan Wilcox


Full Schedule at

Dinner with Stamps Speakers

January 21, 2018

Hi Stampers,

You can have dinner with one of the Stamps speakers. All you have to do is fill out the form, which is actually shorter than its url:

One fnal reminder: the early drop deadline is Tuesday at midnight. This Tuesday.

Short, Not Sweet

January 12, 2018

Hi Stampers,

Tuesday, 23 January is the LAST DAY to drop a class without penalty.  After that day, you'll get a W if you withdraw.  This is also the last day to declare a course pass/fail. If you are a first or second year student, you do not have the option to take a course P/F. Sorry, juniors & seniors students only.

First Years: if you haven't met with your advisor this year, you still have a little time to schedule Meeting #2. If you don't,  then make sure you go to your handbook and read the stuff you SHOULD be doing (but aren't) during your first year: page15 or click here

Sophomores: Time to start pre-worrying about the sophomore review.  Do this now : organize your images from your foundation and elective studios. Also time to start finalizing your plans for study abroad --  or to start them.  And just to terrify you some more, next fall you'll need to have your mentors lined up.

Juniors: Check your academic records and your electronic audit. If you are pursuing an MDDP or a BFA in interarts, you can;t get an electronic audit so you actually have to work with yoru advsior (me) in person. Otherwise,  you can check your progress without human interaction.  If you want to take IP next year, you will need 54 studio credits to be eligible (48 for interartists).  

Seniors: Guess again. If you plan to graduate but you don't apply for graduation, you don't graduate.  if you haven't applied you also don't get a Senior Audit. The Senior Audit is the official summary of what you still need to do to complete your degree. You can hope you're ok (do nothing), or you can be sure by aplying for graduation and letting me know you applied.

Living on Mars

January 5, 2018

Hello, Stampers.  I’ll omit all the welcome back stuff and pointedly ignore that we are all living in a frozen biosphere--like Mars only with snow.  And apparently, there was a break between the end of fall term and the start of winter term but no one seems to remember it. I suspect an urban myth. Or alien abduction.

Peer advising has resumed.  Come in through the double doors across from room 2043.

Academic Peer Advising

  • Mon: 4:30 - 6:00
  • Tues: 11:30 - 1:30 + 4:30 - 5:30
  • Wed: 4:30 - 6:00
  • Thurs: 11:30 - 1:30
  • Fri: 11:30 - 1:30

International Peer Advising

  • Tues/Thurs: 10:00 - 12:30

Last Chance for Registration Help

December 8, 2017

Hi Stampers,

All registration problems will be solved.

Tuesday,  Dec 12


Come in the side door of the office, across from rooms 2043 and 2044


All Blogged Out

December 7, 2017


The following two-hundred level courses have seats available right now (even though they are closed), but you must add yourself to the waitlist.

ArtDes 200 (both sections): Social Spaces
ArtDes 202: Intro to Ceramics
ArtDes 205: Intro to Painting
ArtDes 211: Sign and Symbol
ArtDes 215: Fab One: Wood and Metal
ArtDes 217: Fab Three: Bits and Atoms
ArtDes 225: Entanglement
ArtDes 235: Intro to Printmaking
ArtDes 239: Creative Programming
ArtDes 241: Product Design
ArtDes 252: Intro to Metals/Jewelry
ArtDes 255; Intro to Photography
ArtDes 265: Intro to Video
ArtDes 270: Visualizing and Depicting Ideas
ArtDes 275: Color

Nothing About Registration

December 4, 2017

Hi Stampers,

If you took an incomplete last winter term (remember?), then you have exactly until this Friday,  Dec 8 to get your work in and have your instructor post the grade. If you don't,  it's a permanent E (= failure 4 ever). 

For those of you who keep track of these things, Tuesday, 12 Dec is the last day of class. I bet everyone reading this will be happy.  It's been a long semester.

The Meta Schedule-Winter 2018

November 30, 2017

Hello Stampers:

Fresh news about: 

  • ArtDes 310.001, Growth Works, Engagement

My spies tell me this course is hard to find on Wolverine Access.  Yes, it is.  So here's some help.  The course number is 33515 and you HAVE to add yourself to the waitlist. Also,  when you look for it,  make sure to click off "show open courses only."  If you have taken ArtDes 269, 270, or 336, this your chance to engage directly in the transformative power of comics.

  • ArtDes 310.002 and 310.003 Green Building: Campus Farm

This is a two part course offered winter and spring terms. The winter term course,  ArtDes 310.002, is the design half; the spring  term course is the actual construction of the building and will end on 31 May -- good news for those of you who may have other summer obligations.  Each half will count as 3 engagement studio credits. The first half is a prerequisite for the second half.  You have to wait until next April (or late March)  to register for the spring course. Section 003 is not supposed to be on Wolverine Access--please ignore it.  Thank you.

  • ArtDes 343, Making Interactive Things

Some of you have asked about the advisory prerequiste on Wolverine Access, specifically ArtDes 252.  Ignore this. You don't need it.  As for the enforced prereqs, if you have taken EECS 183, that will take the place of ArtDes 239.  As for ArtDes 217, Bits and Atoms--ANY 3-D fabrication course will work (i.e., ArtDes 215, 216, 241, 252, 260).  Now,  how to get into the class? Add yourself to the waitlist!!!!  We'll check to see if you have met these more flexible requirements and we'll send you an override.  SOON.

  • ArtDes 373: Visual Storytelling: Stop Motion

The prerequisite for this course is Intro to Animation, ArtDes 243.  I know that  soem sources may say that it's Intro to Video, ArtDes 265, but that's just disinformation.  If you have already registered for this course and you don't have the prereq,  you might want to drop it now while you have time to find another class. Otherwise I have to write you and ask you to drop and then you write me back and tell me that  you have always loved animation (who doesn't?) and you'll work really hard and it's your passion and you're senior and you never had a chance to take animation before because you had to take other courses and you plan to go to graduate school in animation if you can't get a job and one time you even thought about going to an Animation Club meeting and it's the only 300 level course that fits your schedule, so you NEED THIS COURSE.  And I write back....

  • ArtDes 408, Directions in Fibers

This course is merely an extension of ArtDes 308, Directions in Fibers,  so it does not count as meeting the 400-lvel requirement. It is for students who want to enroll again in ArtDes 308.  Here's the catch: you can only enroll in this if 308 has extra seats. In other words,  you can't come back for seconds until everyone has had firsts. I won't know until near the end of registration whether 308 has room for "repeat weavers," but if you want to re-take 308, let me know and I'll send you an override for 408 when I know that there's room. First come,  first served.

And a Happy Friday Eve to you all!

Blogomania, Part One

November 28, 2017

Time Change:  ArtDes 400.003, Design and Power will now meet MW 11:30 am - 1 pm

Monday Blog-o-gram

November 27, 2017

Hi Stampers:

I have corrections and clarifications regarding these two courses:

1. ArtDes 398,  Sexual Objects     This course STILL meets the art/design history/theory/criticism requirement.  I know that the course guide on the Stamps website doesn't indicate that it does, but I checked at the highest levels. Twice.

2. ArtDes 400.002, Identity Politics in Art and Design (Studio + Seminar)      The prerequisite is one 300 level studio and one art/design history/theory/criticism course beyond ArtDes 150 and 151.


And here's information about Jeff DeBoer who's teaching ArtDes 400.004, Innovation Strategy Fundamentals

Registration Tips, Info, and Whatnot

November 26, 2017

Hi Stampers:

Here’s some help to make it easier for you to find out what you need to know about the courses offered winter term 2018.


1. For correct times/days/locations/credits/faculty go to Wolverine Access.

2. For descriptions of 200-400 level courses, go to the curriculum designer.

3. For enrollment restrictions and prerequisites go to the course schedule here:

4. For miscellaneous notes and clarifications for various courses, listed class by class, check out the list below.

5. For the Help with Registration google calendar,  go to

6. For all other concerns and questions, is your best bet.


ArtDes 310.001, Growth Works Engagement

Enrollment is restricted to students who can pass the requisite background check and who have completed the interview process.  Students who add their names to the waitlist will be sent information about completing the background check and the interview. Overrides to register will be issued only after the background check is complete.

ArtDes 310.002, Green Building (Campus Farm)

Students who complete Green Building (Campus Farm) winter term will be eligible to register for Green Building (Campus Farm) spring term, when the actual construction takes place at the Matthei Botanical Gardens (not at the Biostation). Construction will end on 31 May.

ArtDes 314, Change by Design

Enrollment is restricted to students who can pass the requisite background check. Students who add their names to the waitlist will be sent information about completing the background check and obtaining an override. Overrides to register will be issued only after the background check is complete.

ArtDes 398, Sexual Objects

This course apparently no longer meets the Stamps art/design history, theory, or criticism requirement as of winter term 2018. If you took it previously when it did, then it will still count as meeting the requirement, but it will not if you take it Winter 2018. I don’t know what happened here, but I’ll confirm and post.

ArtDes 400.001, Sequential Narratives: Advanced Projects in Comics

Students must have taken ArtDes 336. 

ArtDes 400.002, Identity Politics in Art and Design (Studio + Seminar)

Students must have taken two 300-level courses in relevant disciplines. This four-credit course can be counted as studio or academic credit or a combination of the two.  The prerequisite of “two 300-level courses in relevant disciplines” is being reviewed.  When we know what exactly that means, I’ll post it, for sure!

ArtDes 400.004, Innovation Strategy Fundamentals

Minimum requirement is junior status and a 300-level course in design. Interested students should add their names to the waitlist.  Overrides will be issued to students who have met the requirements.

ArtDes 400.005, Chico MacMurtrie: Border Crossing

Enrollment in this class is by application. Application deadline is Monday, November 27, at 9am sharp. Interested students should go RIGHT NOW to

Before the Break

November 19, 2017

Hi Stampers,

I doubt you’ll spend a lot of time this week thinking about your winter schedule; it’s the best chance you’ll have to relax before the onslaught of final projects and critiques, so spend the break wisely and take at least a day or two to decompress.

Changes to the Winter Schedule

The most notable are the meeting day/time change for ArtDes 314, Change by Design and the addition of ArtDes 269, Figure Drawing.  Change by Design will now meet M (9-12:30) and W (10-11). There are other minor changes, mostly involving room swaps.  You can see the full schedule (as of 19 November) here.

Et Alia

By the way, ArtDes 200, Social Spaces counts as an engagement studio. And if you want to see the Help with Registration Calendar, look in the blog entry for last week. It'll open inyour Google calendar, but remember, you have to be logged in with your UM address.

Deal on Adobe Creative Suite

November 12, 2017

Adobe Creative Cloud is $175 for Stamps Undergraduate Students


Check your email for information about buying Adobe Creative Cloud for $175 a year (and not $240).  Attached to the message is a form to complete so you can get it. Your UM account will be billed, so for those of you who don’t have $175 lying around, you’re in luck.

Changes to the Stamps Winter 2018 Schedule

Check this space for changes to the schedule. Chnages will also be posted on Wolverine Access, but this is where you’ll find out there’s been a change, and what it is.  So here is the latest (as of Friday, 10 November)

  1. Many of the ArtDes 300 courses are having their numbers updated. We’ll start making those changes on Wolverine Access Monday, Nov 15. I’ll post the exact numbers for each section as soon as I can confirm them.
  2. All courses that meet the engagement studio requirement will be listed as ArtDes 310-319, with the exception of ArtDes 200.001 and 200.002,  Social Spaces.  Any course within that range will meet the requirement.
  3. ArtDes 300.004, ArtDes 300.007 and ArtDes 300.008 will be changed to ArtDes 310.  They will all meet the engagement requirement.
  4. ArtDes 398.001, Identity Politics has been canceled. ArtDes 400.002, Identity Identity Politics will be four, not three, credits.
  5. ArtDes 105.005, Drawing II is a three-credit course, not a four-credit course

Registration Info for First Year Students

  1. Most of you will register Thursday, Dec 7 or Friday, Dec 8.
  2. You will build your own schedule, selecting the times and days you wish to have.Write for help.
  3. If you did not get a copy of the Stamps course schedule at the Course Preview, you can check it out on Wolverine Access or at
  4. You can read an overview of registration at
  5. If you don’t know what you supposed to take, the handbook has that information, too. Look for the sample plan of study for winter semester! or at
  6. I’ll run another help session for you this Wednesday, room 2043, starting at 11:30 am. Please rsvp to John Luther at
  7. Check out the Help with Registration Calendar at
  8. The LAST DAY to get help with your schedule is Tuesday, Dec 12, starting at 4:30.  Come to the side door of the office, across from rooms 2043 and 2044. If you do not have all your classes by then, you need to show up for this help session.

Registration Info for All Students

  1. Course pre-requisites will be enforced. If it happens that you can register for a course anyway, don’t be surprised if you are asked to drop it.
  2. The Curriculum Designer is here
  3. The Stamps Winter 2018 Course Guide is here
  4. Two-hundred level courses will be capped at 5 students initially so we can reserve the remaining seats for our sophomores.  If you want to take a Stamps course that is full (already started the wait list) your best bet is to add yourself to the waitlist.
  5. Check out the Help with Registration Calendar at
  6. For quickest response, write to


Overrides for Stamps Courses

I issue overrides every afternoon/evening and some mornings. If I issue an override before noon, it will expire at midnight the same day.  If I issue it after noon, it will expire at midnight the next day.  So, pay attention to your UM email. I do it this way so other students don’t have to wait longer than they need to. 

P.S. International Fair

November 5, 2017

hi Stampers,

Did you just relaize that you haven't given a thought to how when where you will complete your internaitonal experience? Take the easy way out and drop by the International Fair in Work Commons 11:30-1:30 Thursday, 9 November.  Eat food,  see stuff,  talk to people who went. No M-Compass is involved,  just good food and good people.

l got them old registration blues

November 5, 2017

Hi Stampers,

Earlier this past week, Dean Van Gent (aka “Elona”) wrote to ask you to be mindful of the distraction that comes from chatter and the light from phones and laptops during the Penny Stamps Lecture. I was there Thursday, and I want to thank all of you for keeping the light and noise levels down at the lecture.  I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing Art Spiegelman this week (the 9th), and I hope you are, too.

Course Schedule Previews

Also on the 9th, 3-4:30 pm in the A&A auditorium (room 2104)—this not the Stamps Auditorium by the way.  Your TTh afternoon studios will end early so you can attend.  If you have a class on Central or if you’re working, you can find the information afterwards here and on the Stamps website under “courses.”

The course preview will feature the updated curriculum designer with descriptions of the classes offer winter term. I’ll go over what’s new for registration this year.  You’ll also have a chance to ask questions of academic advisors, me, the Undergraduate Program Directors (Proff. Anne Mondro and Stephanie Tharp) and the “schedule-whisperer” herself, Elona.


First Year Registration Special Treatment

The Mysteries of Registration for First Year Students, Wednesday, 8 Nov. 11:30-1:00 (or about that time) in room 2043.  This is for first year students who aren’t quite sure about registration: what they are supposed to do, when they do it, or how they do it.  I’ll be the facilitator and the format will be very relaxed.  Bring your computers if you like.  You’ll have a chance to ask questions about your personal schedule, too.  Extra points for “dumb” questions, Stampers.


One-on-one Writing Consultations are now available for Stamps students with Jennifer Metsker, the Stamps Writing Coordinator and instructor of Writing in Art and Design. These consultations are intended to help you with writing of any kind at any stage of the process. You can meet with her for a half an hour to discuss a grant or essay or creative writing or to just articulate your ideas for visual projects in order to see your purpose more clearly.  

Writing Appointments can be made at

Feel free to bring writing of any kind, including but not limited to:

          Statements and Grants      Project Proposals     Study Abroad Applications     

                  Academic Essays     Reading Responses    Reflections


Or just come with a writing assignment or project idea that you would like to brainstorm!  


WIthdrawal Deadline

The last day to withdraw from a course is Friday, 10 November.  You will not get a refuund abut you will get a "W.  After 11:59 p.m. the course is yours, and so is the grade.


Free Letterpress Studio in the Dude Basement

A message from first year student Shannon Yeung:

You might know of already but if you did not, there’s a letterpress studio in the Duderstadt basement open to everyone every Friday from 1-4pm, with an instructor who teaches people how to operate the machines. It is a neat little place - you should go check it out if you have the time!