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Stamps Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs Joann McDaniel posts here with tips for student success. If you have questions, email or schedule an advising appointment.

Step-by-Step to Graduation

February 7, 2020

Hello Stampers,

In the lull before mid-term reports and spring break, it may be a good idea to spend a few minutes looking at Step-by-Step to Graduation, the section in the Undergrad Handbook that tells you what you should be doing when. Not “should be doing” as in I “should be doing serious work” instead of watching 13 things you didn’t know Spongebob Squarepants could do on YouTube. Look for it on page 15 or thereabouts. Step-by-Step to Graduation is on page 15. The handbook does not  provide information about Spongebob Squarepants. 

Step-by-Step to Graduation gives you a kind of timeline toward graduation but it’s not about courses.  It’s about doing the things outside of class that  will make you more confident about your education and about your future. There are even recommendations for summer break.  If you’re feeling a little lost,  take a look at it. 


Stuff you need to know:

Next week is Transfer Student Appreciation Week.  Stamps is honoring its transfer students (hey,  cross-campus transfers, you count!) with lunch, door prizes and board games. This Friday (Valentine’s Day),  11:30-1 pm in room 2030.  Go here to order your sandwich. You are welcome  to drop in, grab a sandwich and some chips and run if you need to. It’s ok to do that,  but if you can stay and visit,  we’d love to see you.


Stamps sophomore Shannon Young invites everyone to an exhibition in Pierpont’s piano lounge, “The Role of Creative Media in Hong Kong Protests” starting 18-27 February.  Illustration, comics, memes, gaming, and music.  There’s a cool poster I’ll try to upload to the blog.


Term Withdrawal.  If you’re having some serious problems (emotional, family, health—you name it) and you think you might need to withdraw from the term, please come see me (Joann). All you need to do is send me an email ( and  I’ll make time for you.  You can withdraw from the term anytime until the last day of classes, but if you do it by the 18th,  you’ll get 50% of your tuition back.   And you’ll have that much more time to concentrate on taking care of those problems instead of adding to them by failing all your classes.


CAPS Workshops

Here’s a link to two in-house (here in the A&A building)  CAPS workshops : 

Effective Communication (how to ask for what you need ) on 18 March. 

Semester Survival Guide (coping with the madness at the end) on 1 April. 

Is it ok to eat Takis every day?

January 31, 2020

Take some time this weekend to assess what the next month has in store for you. How much time?   Ten minutes.  Do you have a timer?  Yes, you  do.  


On the most basic level, review what you have due during February to make sure you haven’t overlooked something essential.  A better exercise, however, might be to look at the 29 days (yes, February has a bonus day) and think about where you’d like to be in a month.  What are your goals for the month? Ask yourself what you could be doing better. Think of just one thing. One thing and no more. Write it down. Then think of things you could do to reach that goal. Think of things you can actually measure.  If you want to eat healthier, writing “eat healthier” doesn't get it.  Instead, go for specifics, like “eat Takis every other day, not every day” or “google healthy lunch options.” Try to get 4 doable things. Doable means you can actually do it.  Select the one you like most and assign it to the first week. The second week, add another. Do what you can and do what you're willing to do. Time’s up.


In advising, the month of February is pretty quiet. February is a good time to meet you're your advisor to plan for graduation, study abroad, or life itself. In March we’ll be super busy prepping the sophomores for sophomore review, and in April, everyone will want an appointment because April is crazy: end of classes, emergencies, crises, registration, and every existential dilemma known to humans. You can prepare for the craziness that comes with the end of the academic year by touching base before the madness hits. All advisor want to do is support you. Actually, we also want to eat Takis (fuego) every day.


In February spring break is close and when you return, the semester will be on its way out faster than you think. Get ready now by practicing self-care: treat yourself like you would treat a friend. Give yourself the kindness, compassion, and respect that every human deserves. Tell  that negative voice in your head to behave itself. And if you have a question, ask. repeat as needed..

Make Your Bed

January 24, 2020

Stampers, we’re closing in on the end of the third week of classes, and of course that means some of you need to pay attention fast because deadlines are upon us (see previous post).  If you have financial aid or if you are an international student, you probably need to be enrolled fulltime to get your full award or to maintain your visa status. What this means is that you need to be enrolled for (not waitlisted) at least 12 credits as of 12:01 am Wednesday the 29th. I do not suggest trying to add a course at 11:59 pm Tuesday the 28th. A good rule of thumb: do not play chicken with the Feds if you don’t have to.


Now that  we’ve settled that, I want to point out some things you can do to make this semester move you forward toward your goals.  Goals? You have to have goals? First we make you take classes then we make you observe deadlines and now it’s goals we want. No, the demands NEVER end. It's always something.


Start thinking about what you want and what you’ve done (or need to do to get there). 

One goal might be graduation:

  • Step 1:  take a bunch of courses (this takes 4 years)
  • Step 2: make sure they are the right ones to count towards your degree (Senior Audit; it takes 2 minutes)
  • Step 3: apply for graduation (this takes 30 seconds)

Some things you can do to facilitate your progress toward the stage at commencement would be to pay attention to attend class regularly, meet with your advisor (early and often), and take ownership of your education. Research your options,  ask questions and take charge.


Another goal might be employment after graduation

  • Step 1: get skills and experience (in class and out of class)
  • Step 2: prove that you have skills and experience (resume and portfolio)
  • Step 3: interview and charm the interviewer (Portfolio Expo—coming up Feb 20)

Some things you can do to facilitate your progress toward full employment with a fat paycheck and a cool office would be to research an internship (and get one), have people critique your  resume and portfolio and consider their advice; talk with an informed person (John Luther) about your  career options and network with our alums.


Finally, you may have a goal that is more personally oriented, like being more efficient with your time.   Here are some things you can do to get things done

  • Step 1:  put your time on a short leash. Set your phone timer to 10 minutes and do all the little stuff you hate to do and usually put off.
  • Step 2: block out a schedule for one day that has class, study, sleep, exercise, work and down time all scheduled. Then FOLLOW the schedule. No matter what. For ONE day.
  • Step 3: Change one thing. And let everything else do what it usually does. 

Step 4:  Make your bed. Nicely. This goes for everyone all the time. It's an act of self-care, a reliable winnable victory and a delaration that you can finish what you start.

Duo and You

January 17, 2020



 Duo Deadline

       You’ll wish you’d known this when you can't access Canvas, UM email, google drive, etc: You will need to use DUO to log in to UM controlled websites starting Wednesday, 29 January 2020

       Stampers, you (and everyone else) have to have two factor authentication before the 29th of January. Your password will no longer be enough to give you access. Why?  Security. 


Another Big Deadline: Drop/Add and Census Day, January 29

  • 1. Wednesday, 29 January is  Census Day for winter term. If you need to be full-time for financial aid or for your study visa, this is the day that counts. If you are not  full-time at 12:01 am on Wednesday, 29 January, go ahead and say goodbye to A2 for a while. 
  • 2. Any course you drop on the 29th (or after) shows up as a “W” on your transcript.  And you pay for it.
  • 3. Taking a class Pass/fail? You won’t be if you don’t call it before…..the 29th.
  • 4. Term withdrawal?  If you wait until the 29th, UM keeps half your tuition.  Forever.


LSA Advising on North Campus

       Drop-in advising for simple issues

       Patrick Hill, advisor

       Tuesday  1:30 – 3 pm

       MDDP-curious,  LSA curious, and already MDDP students are welcome  

       For more complex issues call (734) 764-0332 to schedule a full 30-minute appointment. 


Transferring to LSA : Act NOW

        If you want to enter LSA (or MDDP with LSA) this term you are almost too late.  You must attend the LSA Information session and meet with an LSA advisor (any LSA general advisor will do) before the January 29th drop/add date.

       Call (734) 764-0332 to schedule a full 30-minute appointment.


Dinner with the Speaker (Penny Stamps lectures)

       No cost to participate.

       Apply here:  


All Stamps Transfer Students: Save the Date

       Stamps Transfer Appreciation Lunch with Door prizes

       Friday,  Feb14, 11:30-1pm 

        Watch your email for an invitation!

Happy New Year News!

January 10, 2020

Happy New Year News!

Fall term is done, and for some of you, let me join  you in saying good riddance! If your grades or experiences  weren’t ideal, well, that does happen.  But, if you think you can do better (and I think you can), see your advisor to talk about ways that you can stop making bad situations worse.  You have control—often more than you think, but it's usually not where you’ve been looking for it (which is why things seem out of control).   Think of it as a remote that is lost in a couch or a dog’s stomach.  


Seniors: have you thought about applying for the Big Idea Award? It’s $25,000

Dean Brad Smith and Stamps Writing Team Jennifer Metsker and Ali Shapiro are running two application writing workshops to help you win. Go to one or the other.

  • Wednesday, January 15, 2020⋅11:00am – 12:00pm in room 2410, A&AB
  • Thursday, January16, 2020⋅11:00am – 12:00pm in room 2420, A&AB

Sign up here.


Sophomores:  just in case you had lost all sensory perception and just now regained it, this thing now exists: a Sophomore Review Canvas site. You're on it.  This site is your one-stop shop for all things Sophomore Review-related.

Right now on the site, you can find:

  • A schedule of workshops to support you in preparing for your Sophomore Review!
  • The main guidelines and evaluative criteria for your review presentation!
  • Information about required materials and accountability in Sophomore Review prep!
  • New resources (like sample presentations, tips on documenting your work, etc) will be added to this site as the semester progresses. 

If you are not on the  Canvas site you can do one of two things: email Alyssa Cozad to get on it or take your chances without it.  That was a joke, folks.  You need this.


Help with English (if  you grew up not speaking English)

The English Language Institute (ELI) is expanding their services to undergrads who are non-native English speakers. 

Check out their new one-on-one language support service : the Speaking and Writing Studio


Currently registered undergraduate students in any U-M school or college may attend up to four (4), 45-minute Studio appointments per term. Students can register for appointments online.


In addition to the Speaking and Writing Studio, ELI will also be offering credit-bearing undergraduate courses starting in Fall 2020. We would be grateful for your help spreading the word about our services, and for any thoughts on how to reach international and non-native English speaking undergrads.


Spectrum Center  Scholarships :

On a Personal Note: you may have heard the rumors that I am leaving Stamps to join the Real Housewives of Ann Arbor. Not true. Other rumors have me leaving to go on tour with Travis Scott.  Also not true. But I am leaving--on 30 June 2020 -- so I can live my protracted senectitude in blissful self-indulgence. Look for popsicle  event in April.

Last Chance Registration

December 6, 2019

LAST CHANCE: Today is your last chance to get help with your schedule.  All advisors will be available from 1-5 to help you in person.  Look for the double doors across from room 2043.

OPEN STAMPS COURSES: Check this link for the list of open Stamps courses.  Hint: you may have to add yourself to the waitlist

Last Chance Registration

December 6, 2019

LAST CHANCE: Today is your last chance to get help with your schedule.  All advisors will be available from 1-5 to help you in person.  Look for the double doors across from room 2043.

OPEN STAMPS COURSES: Check this link for the list of open Stamps courses.  Hint: you may have to add yourself to the waitlist

Word of the Day: Pollotarian

November 22, 2019

Hi Stampers,


While I’m sure visions  of turkeys are dancing in the heads of all you pollotarians out there,  my mind is stuck in registration. 

Here are some updates on courses and registration:


Juniors (3rd year)  and Seniors (4th year and later)…and maybe some 2nd years?

  • Monday I am going to  begin restricting enrollment in 200 level courses  so sophomores will have  a fighting chance to get what they need.  If the 200 level you want is closed, add your name to the waitlist and after the sophomores have registered, I’ll come back to you.
  • ArtDes 311,  Detroit Connections requires students to have background checks. If you want to take this course, I cannot let you enroll until your background check is complete. Add yourself to the course waitlist and Brian Banks will send you information about completing the background check. Once you’ve been cleared, he’ll send you an override. 
  • ArtDes 400.005  Generative Play. This course requires only a 300 level studio. If you want to enroll in it, you need to add yourself to the waitlist.  I’ll send you an override (if you’ve got a 300 level on your record). If you don’t, go find a 300 level and take it.
  • ArtDes 300.005,  Fiber Sculpture presupposes that  you have already had SOME fiber experience. If you are a total newbie, go for 208 or 197.
  • See below for excellent FTVM studio courses plus an acting class!!  


Sophomores (2nd years) and maybe some juniors?

  • As noted above, by the time you get to register the 200 level studios will probably all be closed. Make sure that you add yourself to the waitlist. These courses and sections can enroll up to 18 students, and if you read the post to juniors and seniors, you know that  we save seats for you.  I go through the waitlist at least once  a day and issue overrides. So get on the waitlist and watch your email.


First Years

  • Remember, if there is only one section for a certain time slot, that section will close first. I will not over enroll any foundation studio section, so please be ready to be flexible.
  • If you have chosen an academic class for a particular time, have a plan B: choose another class that meets at a different time so you can  maximize your flexibility.  
  • Also, once you actually enroll in a foundation class, you can’t just drop it.  You have to get permission. So bear that in mind if you’re in a hurry.


Stamps Studio Credit as an Art Director in Movies and TV (FTVM)

You can earn studio credit being a Movie or TV Art Director, in the Department of Film, TV & Media (FTVM). Art Directors collaborate on the look of everything (from Hair, make-up and wardrobe to sets and props) that appears on screen.FTVM: The Dept of 

FTVM 300: if you have an interest, but no experience, this is a great place to start.  You’ll be involved in Designing 2 short movies/TV teasers in a small crew made up of FTVM Majors who have production experience.  4 Credits.  T/Th 10-noon.

FTVM 423: If you’re ready for a challenge, and have an interest in premium Movie production, you can join a large crew and help design and shape a 30-minute movie that will premiere at the Traverse City Film Festival  4 Credits.  Fri 1-5pm.

Contact for details!



Intro to Acting for the Camera,  ThtreMus 101 (no experience needed)

  • Stampers get academic /experiential credit
  • MW 1:30-3:30,  3 credits, Walgreen Drama Center, Rm 2415 (Acting for Camera Studio)
  • Taught by Janet Maylie, Associate Prof. Dept. of Theatre and Drama at SMTD
  • Interested?   Act now!
  • E-mail Janet Maylie,    You have to get her permission to register

Mostly Registration Stuff

November 15, 2019

Hello Stampers,

Check out Create for Chemistry, then read about Stamps Registration. There's something for everyone.



This competition is so cool.  The Chair of the UM Chem Department's Art Committee (yes, the Chem Dept. has an art committee) sent the announcement of this competition to me. They want a welcoming design for their building, one that reminds people that science is a human endeavor and that those humans are a diverse bunch. Who better to do this than a Stamper?  And you could win $1000.  Check the link below.  It's a really good opportunity to secure your fame and jump start your financial empire.

Deadline for entries is Monday, 16 December.




  • We close 200 level courses (except for ArtDes 220, Second Year Studio) before they are full so we can hold out seats for sophomores. If this happens to a course you want, you must add yourself to the waitlist. 
  • If you register for a foundation class,  you can’t drop it without electronic permission. Write to get that permission. Better yet,  be sure before you finish registering for a course.



           The Written Word for You to Read


            Actual Humans Will Help You Personally

  • Academic Peer Advisors.  Destini and Erin will help you.
  • Live Stamps advisors will help you.
  • Winter 2020 Registration Help Presentation, Tuesday,  November 19,  11am-12 pm,  Room 2030.  I'm the help.
  • Help Sessions Monday-Thursday, Dec 2-5, 4:30 pm, Advising Center (door will be open).  I'm the help.
  • Last Chance Help, Friday, December 6, 1-6 pm, Advising Center (door will be open). Romy, Alyssa, and I will help you. I won't leave until you get the help you need.



1. Your registration appointment is not an appointment with your advisor.  It’s the day and time that Wolverine Access will let you register. Smart students register as close in time to their appointment as they can. If you snooze,  you lose.

2. At orientation you were assigned specific sections of your ArtDes classes. Now, you are free to select any section you want.  

3. At orientation, you had lots of people to help you and you registered with a lot of people. This time, it’s mostly up to you. So scroll back up and read about Help with Registration.



1. Second Year Studio, ArtDes 220. Each section is capped at 15 students. If the section you want is full, do not add yourself to the waitlist. Take a section that is open.  Your chances of getting an override are very slim.

2. Build your schedule around your Second Year Studio. It is the most important course you take winter term. Yes, it is.



1.  Feel free to register for a 400 level if you can. That’s all I’ve got!



1. Your IP class time is untouchable. Do not schedule anything other than IP in that time slot.

2. You are allowed to take another class during your IP studio time. You have to consult with your IP professors to arrange a different time for your IP studio work.

Registration Anxiety

November 8, 2019

Hi Stampers,


This blog is dedicated to anxiety. The anxiety caused by uncertainty. About registration. Next semester. So it's a very small subset of anxiety. And it’s short. You have exactly four weeks to indulge this anxiety.  Friday, 8 November until Friday, 6 December.


Here’s the anxiety schedule (it has a happy ending):


Monday, 11 November      

  • Find out when your registration appointment is 
  • Find out when your friend’s registration appointment is
  • Decide you will not get any classes you want
  • Get all freaked out, but refuse to weep

Tuesday-Thursday, 12-14 November

  • Backpack the perfect schedule
  • Worry that it's too perfect, still refuse to weep

Friday, 15 November

  • Ignore the advising blog because it may make you more anxious to think about registration
  • Think about it anyway
  • Become more anxious if that’s possible, but avoid weeping

Monday, 18 November

  • Realize you made a mistake and you have to redo your schedule
  • Weep

Tuesday, 19 November

  • Redo schedule
  • Obsess over registration    
  • Do not attend Terrific Tuesday’s Registration Info session (you need to worry instead of wasting valuable time) 

Wednesday, 20 November

  • Talk to other anxious friends
  • Pay attention to some rumors
  • Refuse to look at the handbook—too stressful

Thursday,  21 November

  • Find out registration starts today
  • Give up hope. There will be NO CLASSES left for you

Friday, 22 November

  • Find out 5th year seniors are still registering
  • Gnaw some pencils
  • Stay away from the blog

Monday,  25 November

  • Find out 5th year seniors are still registering (how can this even be true?)

Tuesday-Sunday, 26-1 Dec

  • Eat Turkey and turkey related products
  • Sleep

Monday-Thursday, 2-5 December

  • Wait for registration appointment
  • Write askanadvisor for help
  • Find out that registration help is available every day at 4:30 in the advising office
  • Go for help
  • Dare to read the advising blog and the stuff in the handbook

Friday morning, 6 December

  • Realize schedule is still not working out because there are NO CLASSES OPEN
  • Growl at roommate who says "I got all my classes"
  • Weep

Friday afternoon, 6 December

  • Show up for Last Chance Help, advising office, 1-5 pm
  • Eat cookies
  • Eat cookies 
  • Eat cookies
  • Dry tears
  • Get help

Friday evening, 6 December

  • Realize your schedule will work
  • Say goodbye to registration anxiety

Return of the Blog

October 31, 2019

Greetings Stampers,

It's probably a good thing that November wants you to stay indoors and start practicing to survive winter. November has a calming quality that lends itself to steady work before the frenzy of registration and final critiques. So enjoy the lull.

In this week's blog, there's information about dropping a course, getting help with writing, an announcement of the International Fair and Winter Course Previews, a timeline for registration, and a competition to design art for the Chemistry Building. No, I am not kidding. 


COURSE WITHDRAWAL DEADLINE: Friday, Nov 8.  This is a firm deadline, folks. If you intend to drop a course, get it done no later than the 8th. 


WRITING HELP for Stampers  Click on "Writing Consultation" at

Are you working on a writing project for a class or on your own? Do you use words and images in your work? Do you just need someone to brainstorm with about a project you're working on? 

Book a 30-minute consultation with Jennifer Metsker and Ali Shapiro to work on any writing-related projects:

  • - Academic Essays
  • - Grants or Proposals
  • - Study Abroad Applications
  • - Creative Writing
  • - Project Brainstorming


STAMPS EXPERIENCE EXPO : International Fair and Winter Course Previews

Thursday November 7 from 11am -12:30 pm in the Taubmann Common Area

  • Talk to the teachers of some of the most intriguing courses we've had in a long time: Delightful Design, Generative Play, Beautiful Objects, Experiments in Video, Pre-Cinematic Animation, and a brand new seminar, Mirror Mirror on the Wall… not to mention advanced work (400 level)  in painting and in printmaking
  • Find out about our international programs from Stampers who’ve been there: Nepal, India, Italy, Wakanda, Transylvania, Area 51.
  • Eat pizza and food from Mexico, Honduras,  El Salvador, India, Anhedonia, and my homeland,  Absurdistan. Free.  For you. 



Backpacking starts Monday, November 11

Undergrad Registration: 21 Nov-6 Dec

Help with Registration Dec 2-5 (Monday-Thursday) 4:30 pm every day

LAST CHANCE HELP (for registration) Friday,Dec 6 from 1-5 pm.


CREATE FOR CHEMISTRY: This competition is so cool.  The Chair of the UM Chem Department's Art Committee (yes, the Chem Dept. has an art committee) sent the announcement of this competition to me. They want a welcoming design for their building, one that reminds people that science is a human endeavor and that those humans are a diverse bunch. Who better to do this than a Stamper?  And you could win $1000.  Check the link below.  It's a really good opportunity to secure your fame and jump start your financial empire.

Deadline for entries is 16 December.


October 18, 2019

The blog is under the weather this week. You know it's bad when taking liquid DayQuil sounds like a good idea, I'll try to get the blog out as soon as I can so look for it next week.

It’s Baaaack

October 4, 2019

Hello Stampers:

October is a wonderful month in Ann Arbor. Fresh apples, fall colors, crisp air, Hallowe’en candy.  And lots of other stuff.  I’ll move away from weather reports and sugar and go to the really good stuff:


The Juried Student Exhibition: information is coming soon.  Think about what you're going to enter and start sprucing it up.


Undergraduate Professional Development Grants

Follow this link to the application for Fall’s Undergraduate Professional Development Grants. Stamps  has a limited amount of money available to support students (individuals or groups) who want to attend a workshop or conference, or to support a project that is not related to coursework or graduation requirements.  Most grants are no more than $400. Deadline to submit is Sunday, 27 October. 


Withdrawing for the term (dropping all classes) Deadline:

If you are struggling this semester and it’s not looking good, consider a term withdrawal. You can withdraw from the term at any time, but if you want to get any of your tuition refunded, you have until Monday, 14 October to withdraw.  That date by the way is during fall break. If you are considering that  withdrawal may be a good option for you, please schedule an appointment right away with your advisor. If you cannot get an appt before Friday, 11 October, let me know!!! I will be available all Friday afternoon, 1-5 pm  for drop-ins.


Mid-term progress reports... 

...are coming out. If you get one in your UM mail, pay attention! If your instructor has taken time to send you a report, that usually means they want you to clue in on how well you’re not doing before they have to fail you. It’s a way of saying, look,  I’d like to see you do your best work but it’s not exactly happening.  Pay attention. Please.


Protect your data:  After a recent data breech at Chegg (textbook provider), about a thousand UM accounts were compromised.  This happened because people re-used their U-M passwords on other non U-M websites. Please don't do this.  I know it’s soooooo much simpler to have one user name,  and one password.  On the other hand it’s also easier to walk around and not pay attention to traffic until you walk into a moving school bus. If you don't have enough stress in your life, fine, re-use them all,  and make sure they are easily remember, like 12345678, or post them on social media for greater ease of theft. NO!  Think of the worst trouble you have already had and go right there. One website=one password. You’ll be glad you did.

Also if  you haven’t already done so, consider turning on two-factor accessfor Weblogin (Duo). It will stop anyone who has your UM password from gaining access to your UM accounts (Wolverine Access,  email, etc). It’s worth the tiny effort required (revalidation once  a week). 


Fall Break

It’s coming up. Enjoy it!

Blog Fail

September 27, 2019

27 September 2019

The blog ran out of energy today but will be recharged and back up later this weekend.  Thank you for your patience!


September 20, 2019

20 September 


Hi Stampers,


It's that time again—the first big registration deadline. Monday, 23 September at midnight.  Actually, it may really be a de-registration deadline. U-M decides how much tuition you’ll pay based on how many credits you’re taking as of Tuesday the 24th. Full-time tuition is based on 12-18 credits. If you take more you pay more, if you take fewer you pay less. 

  • So, if you plan to go below 12 credits, you need to do it before Monday ends. 
  •  And if you are thinking that being in school fall term may not be such a good idea, you can get all your tuition refunded if you withdraw from the term before Monday ends. To withdraw from the term, email me (same deadline).
  • And if you want to take a course pass/fail, same deadline. Just make sure you have completed your sophomore review and that the course is not an ArtDes course.

Propeller Collective might be your community if you are first gen and/or low income. Show up Saturday at noon at Palmer field for fun and free pizza under sunny skies.  Part of a Stamps education involves going outside your comfort zone and meeting difference fact to face. It can also mean knowing when to creep back into your cozy old comfort zone. Do both within the Propeller Collective. Familiar, yet new.


 Open house for the new studio suites is Friday, September 27 from 4-6pm. This is a big deal for the Stamps community.  Alumni, students, donors, faculty, staff, big wigs and no wigs at all. There will be Zingerman’s for free and door prizes! 


Advising on demand. Yeah, right. Wake up in the middle of the night wondering whether you should drop a course or not, if you can substitute your marketing class for analytical reasoning, how you get started in study abroad, if you can take only 13 credits and still graduate on time. As your assistant dean who is also in charge of advising, I ask myself these questions all the time. I go to for prompt service I can rely on. 


Sometimes I have questions about advising, or graduating, or courses, or life at U-M that I’d like to talk to a real life human about. Know what I do? Peer advisors. Technically, the peer advisors aren't my peers.  They’re your peers.  My peers are in nursing homes complaining about rap music. Stop by and visit with Destini or Erin.  Or Manda, if you’re leaning toward life outside the USA.


Want to touch base with me?  I do it all the time.  But I’m really happy when I have someone to talk to other than myself. Which is odd for a true introvert.  Drop in (no appointment) next week, Monday and Tuesday 5-6 pm. Side doors will be open. I’ll have candy and stickers, as usual. PS. I figured out colors. Could you tell?