Why Choose Stamps?

Making a Difference

Social engagement is a core value at Stamps.

Our community has always been committed to creating work that is engaged with the world. Awareness, discovery and action are built into our creative culture.

Led by socially engaged and committed faculty, our students work with doctors, veterans, information architects, prisoners, small business owners, homeless communities, climatologists, and more, harnessing the power of art and design to solve problems and impact the world.

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Stamps students have:

  • led ceramic workshops with visually impaired kids
  • conducted art workshops with Michigan prisoners
  • traveled to Madagascar to design and build water pumps
  • visited Michigan farms to learn how to design sustainable food solutions
  • created sustainable designs for an off-the-grid artist house in Detroit
  • built a screenprinting business with Detroit high school students
  • made creative work with elders with dementia at U-M hospitals
  • worked on public sculptures for the Michigan Metropark system
  • traveled to Tanzania to build environmentally-friendly cookstoves
  • designed portable tents for a homeless community in Ann Arbor
  • worked with Iraq veterans to tell their stories through video
  • traveled to Ghana to make charcoal from industrial waste
  • created a community billboard out of an abandoned building in Detroit

and more...