Why Choose Stamps?

The Stamps Difference

Small School, Big University

A close-knit community of artists and designers connected to the diversity and resources of a world-class university.

Our Innovative Curriculum

At Stamps, you’ll never be asked to declare a major. Our programs are designed for you - and by you.

Making a Difference

Collaborate with diverse communities toward the public good.

Global Citizenship

We think studying abroad is so important, we made it a required part of our curriculum.

Creative Careers

An essential part of your education is preparing for a career. Internships are part of your research.

The Best College Town

There’s a reason Ann Arbor is consistently named one of the best places to live in America.

Our students choose us because they want an education that will prepare them for a lifetime of careers, not just the next one.

It’s easy to find an art school that will train you in traditional and technical skills. What’s harder to find is an art and design school that trains your mind.

That’s what universities do. That’s what we do.

At Stamps, you’ll be making life long connections – not just within the art world, but with a generation of change-makers,  problem-solvers and leaders.