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The first lesson that students learn at the University is to be proactive, to find out things for themselves.  Advising in A&D, however, is not left entirely to the student’s own initiative.  All students new to the School of Art & Design are assigned an academic advisor in the Smucker Wagstaff Academic Programs Center.  Some students also have a faculty mentor, whom they selected before attending orientation. While academic advisors help students navigate the curriculum so that they graduate on time, faculty mentors help them begin to navigate the oceans of creativity, so that they can understand how to get the most out of their education. To find out who your advisor and your mentor are, go to the Student Services Center in Wolverine Access and look at “Advisors.”  You will see the names of your academic advisor and your mentor. 

Students first meet their academic advisor during summer orientation. Members of the Academic Programs Center staff advise students about degree requirements, the interpretation of University and School policies, procedures relevant to undergraduate education, and anything that may affect a student’s progress toward graduation. They are able to answer most student questions and if not, they will put students in touch with the person who can. 

Students meet their faculty mentor during fall term of their first year. Faculty in A&D serve a vital role in the development of creative students, acting as a key resource for the student’s creative development early in the program.  Students are encouraged to meet with their faculty mentors at least once per term to discuss their creative goals and interests and to help them prepare for their Sophomore Review. After a student has completed the Sophomore Review, he/she is expected to seek out advice and mentorship informally from among the entire faculty. 

While a student‘s formal relationship with the faculty mentor ends at the end of the second year, students keep the same academic advisor for four years. Students are encouraged to meet with their assigned advisor and to develop a solid working relationship, but they are free to meet with another advisor if they wish. Many students will find it necessary from time to time to meet with an advisor who specializes in specific areas.

Specialized advising is available in the Academic Programs Center to all A&D undergraduates.  John Luther counsels students on career paths in art and design, internships, opportunities for professional development, resume-writing, and artists’/designers’ statements.  Brian Banks assists students in addressing problems that negatively affect their academic progress and offers support to those who have placed their continuation in the program in jeopardy.  Karina Moore assists cross-campus and joint degree students in negotiating the application and the admission process.  She is also the advisor to all Interarts Performance students. Sandra Wiley meets with students to discuss study abroad opportunities and other ways to meet the international experience requirement  Prospective new and external transfer students and their parents are welcome to meet with Erika Hess, A&D’s Recruitment and Admissions Representative, to learn more about the undergraduate degree programs in the School of Art & Design. 

Students may make individual appointments with their advisors through the front desk of the Academic Programs Center or by calling 764-0397. Walk-in advising is available Monday - Thursday from 11:30-1:30 and Friday from 11:30 - 12:30 for quick responses to basic questions. 

Academic Advisors

All five general academic advisors in A&D have responsibilities other than advising, but are usually available to meet with students by appointment from 8-5 in the Smucker Wagstaff Academic Programs Center.

Sandra Wiley, the International Studies Coordinator, meets with students in room 1006B by appointment and on a walk-in basis. Check with the SWAPC desk staff for her availability.

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Walk-In Advising Schedule

Monday to Thursday: 11:30AM - 1:30PM
No appointment needed - drop in for quick questions or urgent problems.

Advisor on duty:

Monday: Paula Bousley
Tuesday: Karina Moore
Wednesday: Brian Banks
Thursday: John Luther

Assistant Dean Joann McDaniel’s walk-in hours are: Monday, 3:00 - 5:00PM

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