Penny W. Stamps School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan

Becoming an artist/designer
is a very personal choice.

And we believe your course of study should mirror that individuality. At Stamps, your path can be as unique as you are, evolving and changing as you do. So whether you choose to focus on a single area of study or roam across media, you'll never be asked to limit yourself to one major.

During the first two years, foundation courses train you in conceptual thinking and making, moving you out of your comfort zone and expanding your creative vision. The second two years are yours to define based on your interests.

You'll have access to some of the best facilities and faculty in the country, plus the resources of a major research university.

An international study requirement offers context and perspective.

A senior integrative project, of your choosing, brings it all together.

It’s a uniquely open program designed for artists/designers who know it isn't just about finding a path, it’s about making it.

Click on the videos below to learn more, check out our Undergraduate Viewbook or visit our curriculum section for a detailed description of our programs.

Students talk about life at Stamps

The Curriculum: An Open Program

Stamps doesn't ask you to declare a major. Students talk about how this impacted their art/design experience.

Learning art & design at a top tier university

Students talk about the benefits of art and design study within a research university.

The Spirit of Ann Arbor

Find out why Ann Arbor is voted the #1 college town in the U.S.

IP Profile: Benjamin English

Benjamin English’s integrative project studies the impact of type when it is separated from its language context.

IP Profile: Max Collins

Max Collins' integrative project is a series of photographic portraits of college-age kids with faces lit by computer screens.

IP Profile: Sydney Evans

Sydney Evans' integrative project explores elements of the microscopic body through textile design and clothing.

IP Profile: Penn Greene

For his integrative project project, Penn Greene designed and built a kayak.

IP Profile: Danielle Battaglia

For her senior IP thesis, Danielle Battaglia set out to visualize the universe.