Penny W. Stamps School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan

Undergraduate Programs

BFA in Interarts Performance

Interested in both visual arts and theater? Now you don't have to choose.

A new degree jointly offered by the School of Art & Design and the School of Music, Theatre & Dance is the perfect program for students who have interests in both visual and performing arts.

Interarts Performance introduces students to a diverse range of art forms and creative practices, from animation to traditional acting skills, with the aim of generating work that blurs boundaries between the visual arts and performance.

You’ll be guided along the way by two award-winning faculty members — Holly Hughes and Malcolm Tulip — mentors who will help you carve out a truly unique path of study.

And you'll work with students like you — risk takers, interested in creating in uncharted territory.

Meet your fellow students in the videos below or see what they're working on by visiting We Are Interarts, a student-run tumblr blog. Check out our Interarts Playlist on PLAY. Then, visit our curriculum page to find out the details about how the program works.

Paige Rutowski takes us inside her Interarts portfolio after just two years in the program.

Exchange student Neha Bhat explains how her work investigates the intersection of theater and art.

Carisa Bledsoe tells the story of her first two years as an Interarts student: the trials, the errors, the laughs, the tears...

A humorous mock interview (with some serious parts) with Holly Hughes and Malcolm Tulip, the lead faculty mentors for the Interarts program.

Check out our Interarts Playlist on PLAY.

Visit We Are Interarts, a student-run tumblr blog.