Undergraduate Students

International Experience

All BA and BFA degree students are required to participate in an international experience during their undergraduate study.

How to satisfy the International Experience:

  1. Study abroad through an accredited program, where credit is earned
  2. An internship, where credit may or may not be earned
  3. An independent research, volunteer or service-learning experience

Minimum requirements:

  • Three weeks minimum duration
  • Location outside the U.S.
  • Experience occurred after matriculation at U-M
  • Experience does not occur during the first year of the Stamps curriculum
  • Experience does not occur during the sophomore review semester

There are additional requirements related to preparing for the international experience, such as completing the relevant M-Compass program application materials and purchasing travel health insurance from the U-M preferred vendor.


The PDFs below were created to help you prepare for your international experience.

  1. How to prepare
  2. What do you want from this experience?
  3. Identifying a Program
  4. Timeline
  5. Researching Programs

Frequently Asked Questions