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2015-16 Michele Schara Artist & Designers in Residence Announced

July 2, 2015

The Stamps School’s Michele Schara Artist & Designer in Residency program invites U-M alumni and artists living and working in Detroit to propose and complete a project that engages U-M Students and youth in one of two Stamps School partner schools in Detroit—Bennett Elementary and Detroit Community Schools.

Schara Residency projects engage with teachers and students from kindergarten through high school to integrate art and design into existing curriculums, while exposing youth to new skill sets, experiences, and ways of thinking.

We are excited to publicly announce our residents for Summer/Fall 2015 & Winter 2016.  Learn more about their projects below, and on the Michele Schara Artist & Designer in Residency Program page:

Summer 2015

Zak Rosen, Detroit based independent radio producer, will work with a team of Brightmoor youth to develop programmatic content and ideas for a burgeoning Brightmoor Community Radio Station. Covering field recording, interviewing, story development, investigative reporting, editing, and distribution, the residency will be spent preparing youth to create and share their own audio content focused on local people, places, issues, and events.

Ian Klipa (BFA 2015) a sculptor and video artist, will introduce the basic principles of low tooling metal fabrication and will work with Detroit Community High School students to modify and refurbish industrial tricycles into delivery vehicles for community-run businesses.

Fall 2015

Laura Amtower (MFA 2015) will work with students at Bennett Elementary School to design and build a multipurpose cart outfitted with materials to be used in classroom learning, indoor recess, and public school events. The cart will be created collaboratively with k-5 students to mimicking other similar classroom tools available on the market –but designed by students for their own classroom. The cart will be constructed in phases, allowing students to experiment and learn about possibilities and impact over time.

Lyz Luidens (BFA 2013) will work with students at Detroit Community High School on developing The Detroit Atlas Project. The Detroit Atlas Project aims to give Detroit youth the chance to map their city however they see fit: through research, personal experience, or purely aesthetic visual choices. Youth-made maps will be reproduced using screen and relief printing and bound together to form atlas of youth-drawn maps of the city of Detroit.

Winter 2016

Carrie Morris (MFA 2007) will facilitate The Detroit Teen Video Project with students at Detroit Community High. Detroit Teen Video Project is a free digital media workshop that gives Detroit youth access to equipment and instructional support in order to make their own short films. Through the workshop participants learn about digital media, storytelling, collaboration and job skills while focusing on ways to see and share how local knowledge can be universal.

Emilia Javanica (MFA 2012) will introduce techniques in playwriting, devised theater, puppetry and scenography in workshops for 4th and 5th grade students at Bennett Elementary. Bennett students will develop content for a new theatrical production that Emilia will produce and direct in collaboration with students from the University of Michigan.

Visit the Michele Schara Artist & Designer in Residency Program page for more details on upcoming residencies.

2015-16 Michele Schara Artist & Designers in Residence Announced

Anne Mondro: Artist in Residence at the Icelandic Textile Center

July 2, 2015

Anne Mondro will be an Artist in Residence at the Icelandic Textile Center the month of July. During her residency, she will be working on a crocheted wire sculpture to reflect on the strengths and challenges of relationships during times of illness and disease.

Read more about Anne’s work with creativity and healthcare.

Anne Mondro: Artist in Residence at the Icelandic Textile Center

Claudia Hershman: Pop Up Window Art in Lansing Michigan

July 2, 2015

Two paintings by Claudia Hershman (BS Design 1964) were chosen to be made into window film that is installed on store windows on Main street, in Lansing, Michigan.

The call for submission netted several hundred works, of which 16 were chosen. The original paintings are on display in the Lansing Art Gallery through August.

Claudia Hershman: Pop Up Window Art in Lansing Michigan

Julia Kim Smith Exhibits at Fuse Art Space, Bradford, UK

July 2, 2015

Why, a video from Baltimore-based artist Julia Kim Smith (MFA 1986), will exhibit in Exquisite Corpse, curated by Sarah Faraday at Fuse Art Space, Bradford, UK. Exhibiting artists: Anastasia Vepreva​, Evelin Stermitz, Faith Holland, Julia Kim Smith, Kate Durbin, ​Lacie Garnes, Poppy Jackson, Rupi Kaur, Sarah Faraday​, Sheena Patel, Sue Williams.

Exquisite Corpse​ explores female form, self-image and stereotypes from the perspective of eleven female artists. Through video, painting, performance and illustration, the exhibition also considers the potential of contemporary technology as a tool to examine female self­ identity and evaluates the impact that it has upon constructs of ‘femininity’.

Internationally acclaimed visual and performance artist Poppy Jackson ​explores the female body as an autonomous zone, and has produced a new performance work commissioned by Fuse Art Space; she will also be exhibiting a series of paintings. Based in Toronto, Rupi Kaur​​ found notoriety as the poet who critiqued Instagram earlier this year with her “period.” ​​series - these photographs feature in the show. Delicate and charged illustrations from Sue Williams ​draw the viewer into a world of provocative sexual politics. The exhibition also includes work by artists from Austria, Russia, UK and US including Anastasia Vepreva​, Evelin Stermitz, Faith Holland, Julia Kim Smith, Kate Durbin, ​Lacie Garnes, Sarah Faraday​ and Sheena Patel​.

“The internet poses significant problems in female representation, from pornography to the use of female form in advertising and notably the use of sexually violent language as a form of censorship and aggression towards female expression”, comments the exhibition’s curator Sarah Faraday​. “Exquisite Corpse presents an array of female artists using both online and material forms for creativity, empowerment, and subversion, whilst reclaiming control of the representation of their bodies”.

Exquisite Corpse
Fuse Art Space
7 Rawson Place, Bradford BD1 3JP, United Kingdom
July 16 - October 3; Opening Party: July 16 7:00pm

Julia Kim Smith Exhibits at Fuse Art Space, Bradford, UK

Things Feel Heavy: One Night Only Art Show, Friday, July 3

June 25, 2015

Things Feel Heavy, a one night only art show and event curated by Anna van Schaap (BFA 2010), will take place from 8 pm - 1 am on Friday, July 3rd at Tangent Gallery in Detroit.

Things Feel Heavy
Friday, July 3rd 8 pm - 1 am - One Night Only
Tangent Gallery, 715 Milwaukee Ave, Detroit, MI 48202
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Check out events/times here:!events/cd10

A one night only art show and event, featuring:

  • Visual Work
  • Performance Art
  • Film and Video Projections
  • Dance Choreography
  • Wearables Runway Show
  • Live Music (Bands)
  • Raffle of Original Work
  • Public Vote for Best In Show ($200 Artist Prize)
  • and More!

“A Creature Feature
A Spook Show of the Soul
A Coping Trance
This show deals with the fracturing effects of living in the physical world and the fragmentation of the anxious mind fraught with dark recesses and creepy creatures made to populate the interior spaces of the Creative’s insular existence.
‘In the art world, fear and confusion have brought about a return of the metaphysical, even if it’s only skin deep. There’s been a shift from the big picture to the little one, from the cultural to the subcultural, the outer world to the inner one. ...Ever since the enlightenment killed off Satan in the 18th century, the artistic imagination has relished filling the void. ...None of us know what will hit next, but things feel heavy.’”

-[Paraphrased] Jerry Saltz, Modern Gothic 2004

Participating visual artists include:
Morgan Barrie , Brianna Baurichter, Jennifer Belair, Jeffery Bowman, Lea Bult, Kelly Burke , Zackery Chapman, Stephanie Chisholm, Adrian Deva, Neil Allen Flowers, Katie Hawley, Jesse Kassel, Hannah Korte, Genevieve Mihalko, Timothy Nolan, Shannon Powers, Kela Robinson, Kelsey Shultis , Benjamin Forrest Spencer , Katie St. Clair, Jason Sudak, Dessi Terzieva, Niki Urban and Autumn Wetli.

Participating performance artists include:
Molly Soda, Emily Roll, John Neely, and Haus of Skandoughless by Lindsay Cashews

Live Music by:
Mexican Knives and Bonny Doon w/ special guest Fred Thomas

Friday, July 3rd 8 pm - 1 am - One Night Only
Cash Bar, $7 gets you in the door + a ticket to vote for your favorite work

Things Feel Heavy: One Night Only Art Show, Friday, July 3