Future Graduate Students

2015 Umbrella Project

2015 Umbrella Project: Wicked Healthcare

Wicked problems in healthcare are some of the most critical issues that we face. In healthcare there are no quick fixes and no simple solutions: aging populations, chronic diseases, and lack of access to comprehensive services are just some of the urgent problems that need to be addressed. Questions include:

  • How best can we deliver a continuum of care among healers from doctors, to nurse practitioners, to dietitians and everything in between?
  • How might we enable patients to be stewards of their own health by making better lifestyle choices?
  • How can we integrate the caregiver, their friends and family as a personal network of care?
  • How can we balance financial challenges, hospital productivity, regulatory standards and patient satisfaction?
  • How can we improve healthcare through effective product, communication, and interaction design by taking an integrative, human-centered approach?

The first cohort of Stamps MDes Integrative Design graduate students will work with diverse stakeholders to identify and test possible responses and actions regarding 21st Century healthcare. In addition to developing and testing solutions, they will explore the practice of design including processes of decision-making, collaboration and team management; the materials and techniques of production; and the technical and aesthetic requirements of the field.