Future Graduate Students

Studios & Resources

Students conduct their creative work in spacious, fully equipped studios in a 33,000 square foot space that also houses faculty studios, a multi-purpose shop, digital media equipment and large shared working and meeting spaces.

At Stamps, graduate students also have 24/7 access to state-of-the-art studios in the Art & Architecture building:

  • Clay Studios: Large-scale gas kilns, electric kilns, outdoor firing areas, glazing and clay mixing.
  • Computational Media Studios: Power and electronic tools for kinetics, light, and sound.
  • Fibers Studio: Sewing, loom weaving, dye, and screen print.
  • Multipurpose Studios: Minimally equipped spaces for non-equipment-dependent work.
  • Painting Studios: Easels for oil-based and water-based work with natural light.
  • Drawing Studios: Drawing stations and model platforms with natural light.
  • Digital Fabrication Studios: Rapid prototyping and CNC routers.
  • Print Media Studios: Medium and large format inkjet printers, workstations for film and flatbed scanning, etching presses, and lithography presses.
  • Sculpture Studios: Foundry, wax and plaster, gas and electric welding.
  • Metals Studios (Maskell Studios): Machine tools, gas and electric welding, and metal forming tools.
  • Video Studio: Workstations for digital video editing and DVD authoring.
  • Wood Studio: Power tools, hand tools, and laser cutting equipment.

You'll also have access to the diverse resources and experts only available at a top tier research university, such as:

  • 24-ft astro-tec dome planetarium
  • museum of zoology collections
  • anatomy lab
  • entrepreneurship clinic
  • artificial intelligence lab
  • 3D modelling computers
  • 121 music practice rooms
  • robotics institute
  • multi-camera HD video studios
  • 7 U-M museums
  • motion capture facility
  • biomedical research labs
  • rapid prototyping facilities
  • electronic music studios
  • MRI scanners
  • professional audio recording studios
  • CNC routers
  • virtual reality lab
  • botanical gardens
  • nanotechnology institute