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Faculty Stories

Matt Kenyon to Speak at Global TED2015 Conference

March 11, 2015

Artist and Stamps professor Matt Kenyon has been selected as an International TED2015 Fellow, and will present his TED Talk at the upcoming TED2015 Global Conference, March 16–20. Read More >

Addressing Ebola Through Design

February 16, 2015

A multi-disciplinary Ebola Design Charette hosted by the Stamps School of Art & Design brought together professionals, faculty and students from across the university. Read More >

Phoebe Gloeckner’s Diary of a Teenage Girl: from graphic novel to feature film

January 15, 2015

Phoebe Gloeckner’s “Diary of a Teenage Girl” has been adapted into a full-length feature film, directed by Marielle Heller and starring Kristin Wiig and Alexander Skarsgard. Read More >

Tiny House

January 6, 2015

Students design and build an 80 sq ft "tiny house" with members of an Ann Arbor homeless community. Read More >

John Marshall: Whithervanes

November 11, 2014

John Marshall's latest project (with rootoftwo) is a weather vane built for the 21st Century: a headless chicken that tracks and responds to Internet “fear levels”. Five of these Whithervanes are installed on the highest points of five buildings in Folkestone,… Read More >

Ed West: So Called

November 11, 2014

For the past decade, Stamps professor Ed West has been engaged in a transnational research project on mixed-race identity. Read More >

Mapping Detroit’s Post-Industrial Present

November 11, 2014

A new publication and online resource co-created by Stamps faculty John Marshall and Seth Ellis sets out to answer the question: Can you really get ANYTHING made in Detroit? Read More >

Anne Mondro: The Role of Creative Work in Healthcare

November 11, 2014

Anne Mondro on her work, community engagement courses, and the role of creativity in the healthcare setting. Read More >

Helping kids manage diabetes with video games

November 11, 2014

Managing diabetes is not easy. It requires constant blood sugar monitoring, an insulin shot four to six times a day and strict eating habits. It’s hard enough for adults to maintain the regimen, but getting young people to be disciplined about this kind of… Read More >

On Painting: An Essay by Jim Cogswell

November 5, 2014

Paint is a living language for me, with grammars and nuances that challenge me beyond any other intellectual or creative pursuit that I have ever experienced. Read More >