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U-M Student Seeks Art Tutor

July 21, 2014

U-M Student seeks an art tutor for guidance on completing ARTDES 170 by August 29, 2014.  He has completed several of the necessary assignments but needs some direction for the rest.  Schedule is open based on tutor’s availability.

Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for more information.


FixUp Application seeks Graphic Designer to make screen samples for Building Issue reporting app

July 14, 2014

We are a group of UofM business students working on a mobile application and web interface aiming to change the way people post issues found in the buildings they frequent. FixUp aims to bridge the communication gap between landlord and tenant, student and school, and more.

We are looking for a graphic designer to create some sample screen shots of the application so we can give potential users and investors a better idea of how the application will look. Compensation is flexible and would ideally be paid per screen/pdf page made. We would like to have one or two sample screens made in the next few days, and maybe a few more made over the next few weeks. We have a document that explains the UI and flow of the app so creating the sample screens should not be too difficult.

Note that app experience is not necessary as we are just using these mockups as explanation tools and the goal is not to use them in any software application.

If interested, send relevant samples of work to Eliot Silverman or Danny Agar .  Work samples can be in a portfolio format, but individual files or links are also fine (as long as they are explained).

Deadline:  fast deadline for submission is 7/15/14 at 5pm, and the extended deadline is Friday August 1st.

Compensation:  $30 per basic image if they are completed by Wednesday 7/16/16 at 11am, and $10-$15 per image (or an overall flat rate) for the rest of the design work moving forward. It should be noted that apps general look the same from page to page so once a few images are created it should be easy to replicate with slight adjustments.


Freelance Logo/Art/Design Gig

July 10, 2014

An Ann Arbor-based startup website that will be producing glamour and lifestyle content to college students and highlighting talented students of all kinds is looking to hire a student artist to paint or draw a large rendition of our website name for a promotional video being shot in August. We will record the work being completed and then speed it up for the video. We are looking for a graffiti-like style so use of spray paint might be ideal but is not required. It simply must be big, bold, and colorful. We are also looking for potential logo submissions. We want it to be sleek, simple, and sexy. If interested in competing for the logo design please contact Matthew Kerry for more information.

Please submit a picture of how you would paint our website name “Your yoU” if hired to do so on a canvas as large as 7 feet tall and 14 feet wide to Matthew Kerry

FYI “you” is meant to stand for “university” which is why the U only is capitalized. Remember, big, bold, and colorful. Maximum of 5 submissions per applicant.

Deadline: August 23, 2014

Compensation: Negotiable