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Full Time Designer Needed (video, rap, music)

April 16, 2014 is a website that offers video, real-time rap competitions and cyphers. Imagine video chatting, but with beats in the back ground so people can rap over them, and a live audience voting for who they like best. We’re Detroit based and part of Bizdom, which is supported by Dan Gilbert and his family of companies. We work out of the Madison Building.

Please submit your resume and a link to your portfolio to Erik

Compensation is negotiable.


Design Opportunity with Tailyour

April 10, 2014

Tailyour is looking for someone with design experience using Photoshop to create aesthetically pleasing marketing materials for our business. We are a new company and our image is everything. We are looking to offer direction, but want to allow an intern to use her/his creative ability.

Students should submit a resume and a portfolio to Justin Celt by May 15, 2014

The deadline for submission is may 15.

Our company is looking to pay per project. We will negotiate a fair rate with individual applicants that meet both of our needs.

Additionally, some background about our company is important as well. Essentially we are a tailoring company for men’s dress clothes. We allow men to take a picture of their best fitting shirts, and we take the measurements from the picture. Then, whenever they send us a shirt, we tailor it to the specifications from their best fitting shirt. Thus, some interest in fashion would be something we are looking for as well.


Freelance Book Cover Design

April 10, 2014

In 1980 the Department of Economics wrote and published a book on the department’s history from 1880 to 1980. We are now working on combining this first edition book into a new edition that will be about the history of the Economics Department from 1880 to the present.

We want to hire a student to work on designing the cover for the new book. The first edition of the book only had text as its cover design.

We have an idea in mind, but we are open to suggestions from the student as well about what will work/look best.

Timeframe for Project:
From now until early June. We need to send the final version of the book to print early June in order to have the books by the end of June.

Please submit a resume, link to a portfolio (especially if you have designed a book cover for class, etc.), and 3 professional references (local contacts preferred) to Lai Tutt by April 30, 2014

Pay Rate to be negotiated with chosen designer.


Illustrator/graphic designer for a board game

April 10, 2014

Seeking a freelance illustrator/designer for a tabletop board game aimed at medical professionals. Design elements include the box, board, instructions, and approximately 20-30 cards. The style of illustrations should evoke the game’s setting (19th century Europe) and may include historical and fictional characters, landscapes, and anatomic structures. 

Deadline for submission is June 15.

Total design budget is $3500.

Please send your resume with a portfolio link to Zach at


Visual Recorders for 2-Day Design Session in May

April 2, 2014

Brian Zikmund-Fisher (faculty in UM Health Behavior & Health Education and UM Center for Bioethics and Social Sciences in Medicine) is seeking 1-2 students, alumni, or freelancers with design/drawing skills to support a 2-day “deep dive” session to design new ways of visually displaying medical laboratory test results to patients (e.g., in online patient portals to electronic record systems).

Click here for full details

Please send an email outlining relevant expertise to Dr. Zikmund-Fisher (
Applications will be reviewed as they are received.  Early contact is particularly necessary if applicants are not current students at the University of Michigan.


Freelance Sketching Opportunity

March 31, 2014

Shauna Isbell is looking for a freelance artist who excels at drawing live sketches for her wedding on Saturday May
31 at 3:00 PM. The sketching will happen during the ceremony outdoors in Britton, MI, about 20 minutes south of Ann Arbor

Please submit your resume, samples of your sketch work and/or a link to your portfolio to by April 30.

The compensation for the project is $175.00 cash.

You can also contact Isabell at 928-606-2250 if you have any other questions.

Click here for an example sketch


Digital Artist Needed

July 16, 2012

David Bostic (Picture This Productions) looking to have a basic scene developed. It would consist of a land(beach)/seascape with a few man-made elements.

Here are some of the project parameters:

* Low to low-medium detail
* Low color palette (think paint-by-numbers, or cartooning)
* Any software may be used for development, but the lines should be crisp, to support magnification to mural size (6.7 h x 16 ft w). (So vector-based is preferred)
* Some draft elements of the composition will be provided
* Knowledge/Expertise in translation to mural size (paper medium) preferred, but not necessary.


* Interested parties should contact me as soon as possible.  I’d like to get begin working with the artist this week (week of July 16).

Potential elements for Compensation
* Artist can retain mural panel assembly (free-standing, collapsible, reusable) with your rendered artwork (after about 10 days)
* Negotiable cash compensation
* Formal recommendation based on performance, if desired.


David Bostic
Picture This Productions
(734) 454-1959