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New Flash: Disappearing Blog Haunts Elderly Dean

January 31, 2017

So, Friday I wrote up a lovely post but it wound up somewhere between print and oblivion.  

First things: Our incompletely documented students and out international students, staff and faculty are under a lot of stress (I realize how obvious this statement is).  To see the UM’s official policy statements on immigration matters, here’s the link

For those of you who missed Dean Guna’s message, check your UM mail for “Our Commitment to Each Other.”

And now for some very mundane advising matters...

Are you beginning to realize that maybe you should have taken that course pass/fail? Do you think it’s too late?  Recent changes to Stamps policy now allow you to make that change until March 15. After that, the grade is all yours.

Some of you juniors are looking forward to being in IP next year. Or maybe you just know it’s coming.  I can’t judge your enthusiasm. But your advisor (or a reasonable proxy) will soon let you know whether you are ready and eligible to enroll in IP. Remember, you need to have completed all your studio classes except for two and you have to have earned at least 96 credits. Before fall registration begins, advisors will send messages to their BFA students to let them know what they’re missing.

Wonderful Wednesday on Feb 8 will be a noon to 2 event at Pierpont.  It’s CAPS PlayDay! And we need it more than ever.  Mark your calendar to engage in play and reduce your stress and anxiety.

Finally, some of you read this, but I bet most don’t. So, if you’re reading and you want to win a crispy totally fungible $10 bill, be the first person to email me with the answer to this question: what is your dean’s full name? Not the ass’t dean and not the assoc. dean.  The DEAN!  And spelling counts.