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Stamps Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs Joann McDaniel posts here with tips for student success. If you have questions, email or schedule an advising appointment.

You Know You Could Use a Kind Word

September 10, 2016

It's been a rough week for some of you, so spend the seocnd week of school making order out of chaos and serenity out of stress. The peer advisors are back and ready to talk about the stuff that is overwhelming you right now. Get some facts and get a new perspective by checking in with a peer advisor.  Scheduling, adjustments, stress, graduation, internships,  a crazy course workload, the realization that work is already due, and whatever else. Come in and you'll leave with a plan.


PEER ADVISING SCHEDULE (enter through the double doors across from rooms 2044 and 2043)

Monday        11:30-1:30 and 4:30-5:30  Amy and Perry

Tuesday          4:30-5:30 Amy and Perry

Wednesday   11:30-1:30 and 4:30-5:30  Amy and Perry



Peer Advisors Know All, See All, but Don’t Tell All

September 6, 2016

Peer Advisors Amy Kamden-Wandji, Kara Calvert, Perry Stella O'Toole, and Jean (Jiin) Suh can help you figure out your schedule, tell you what your options are, give you directions, and talk you out of doing something that is guaranteed to end in tears.  Their advising hours start today at 4:30 (until 5:30).   Bring your problems, issues, and hard luck stories to the Peer Advising Office across from rooms 2044 and 2043 (where the double doors are).  You'll be glad you did.

Full Peer Advising Schedule TBD.  Keep your eyes on this space.

FYWR Open Class for Stampers ONLY

September 6, 2016


ArtDes 129. Taught by the Most Excellent Ali Shapiro.  In lovely, centrally located North Quad.  7-8:30 pm,  TTh.  4 credits.  Meets Stamps FYWR.

This class is about writing and academic inquiry. Good arguments stem from good questions, and academic essays allow writers to write their way towards answers, towards figuring out what they think. This class will encourage you to cultivate curiosity and ask good questions, and to hone the reading, writing, research and critical thinking skills that will allow you to communicate your discoveries to a variety of audiences. Working closely with each other and your instructor, you’ll develop your essays through workshops and extensive revision. Readings cover a variety of genres and often serve as models or prompts for the assigned essays. The specific questions you pursue in your essays are up to you; in this class, making is recognized as a form of academic research and you are encouraged to find connections to your other creative practices!

First Week of School

September 3, 2016

Hi Stampers, Old and New! Welcome back to North Campus, the tranquil center of the creative world.  This is the first blog post I've ever written in my whole life (and I turned 193 years old in July). Here's some information that you'll need to know for the first week of school.  Please pay attention to the change in the Penny Stamps lecture series schedule.

You can get advising help with scheduling problems, random questions and other concerns.  The advising staff--Romy, John, and Brian-- work on a walk-in basis during the first week of school, epsecially Tuesday and Wednesday.  I'll be available for quick questions Tuesday 1-3 pm and Wednesday 9-11 am. And I'll have new stickers to hand out.  And you can always bypass the crowds by sending your questions to

Tuesday is the opening of the Work Commons, where the Slusser used to be. First floor, east hallway. I have it on good authority that free ICE CREAM will be served at 1 pm.

Wednesday is the traditional Back to School Bash, hosted by the ArtDesign Collective (ADC) after afternoon classes are over. Check the courtyard for flaming weenies and flying burgers.

Thursday is the start of the Penny Stamps Lecture Series. There will not be a lecture this week, but attendance is required because you'll get all the information you'll need to pass the class, check your attendance, make up a missed lecture, or sign up for dinner with one of the speakers.

Friday is just Friday. A blessing for us all.


August 31, 2016

Welcome to the advising blog - stay tuned for regular updates from Stamps Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs Joann McDaniel. In the meantime, BFA students can download a checklist to stay on track for graduation below.